7 dimensiones de la existencia

7 dimensiones de la existencia

The 7 Petals are not arbitrary. 

They are derived by considering the geometric dimensions of space-time, and then extending into human values.

In physics…

•1 dimension of reality is a straight line. This indicates the MOVEMENT of going backwards or forwards on a single plane of existence. Pure and basic will power: the will to move.  

•2 dimensions of reality, giving x and y co-ordinates, indicates DIRECTION via movement in any direction via both back-and-forth and left-and-right (like a squiggly line made possible on the flat plane of existence represented by a thin sheet of paper)

•3 dimensions of reality, giving us x, y and z co-ordinates, indicates the STRUCTURE of physical space. 

•4 dimensions of reality involves Einstein’s view of space-time, indicating CHANGE through time.

•5 dimensions of reality adds the elements of POWER as the controlling element of space-time and identified by certain quantum physicists and philosophers, I.e. The volitional mind, or conscious CONTROL of existence which can produce HARMONY of mind, body and spirit. 

In 6 and 7 dimensions we creatively extend beyond the first 5 dimensions of Self into consideration of our social nature. 

•The 6th dimension involves the experience of other entities and as such indicates REACTION in a physics sense or SYNERGY in a human sense. 

•The 7th dimension reaches the infinite nature of existence, indicating CREATION. 

In summary: 

Each added dimension of reality creates new properties of existential experience: 

1 dimension gives MOVEMENT

2 dimensions makes DIRECTION possible

3 dimensions brings spatial STRUCTURE

4 dimensions gives CHANGE through the passage of time

5 dimensions gives POWER leading to harmony via control

6 dimensions gives REACTION leading to synergy

7 dimensions represents CREATION

Think of your life experience as emerging from those 7 dimensions of physical existence…

First, 5 Personal Dimensions

For the 1st dimension of MOVEMENT: Imagine a straight line. 

Along 1 dimension, MOVEMENT represents a line, moving either forwards or backwards. This represents the will to move. Towards pleasure and away from pain. And the fundamental awareness and choice to expand our willpower and move towards positives rather than negatives. To focus or not to focus, moving towards progress or moving towards regress, via raw basic willpower. Again, the experience of fundamental psychological CHOICE via a will to move. 

2 Dimensions bring DIRECTION: back and forth plus left and right. Now we have a flat plane of existence, like a sheet of paper, and now our line can move in various directions and become a curve, squiggle, square or whatever 2-dimensional shape it wants. This dimension of direction represents the quest for PURPOSE via meaning and significance. 

In 3 Dimensions giving us the STRUCTURE of 3-dimensional physical space we now include the directions of up and down, represented by x, y, z co-ordinates. As such this represents your physical ENVIRONMENT: the space surrounding you in which you live. 

As per Einstein’s identification of the 4th dimension of reality as being space-time, this represents  CHANGE. In terms of your human experience this is about managing time, I.e. managing your changing PRIORITIES

The interaction of physical properties between elements in space-time indicates a 5th dimension of existence as POWER. This represents the controlling element of existence as human volitional consciousness. The part of reality that actually considers options and opportunities and then attempts to guide experience via free-will. Therefore, this is the dimension of creating HARMONY in mind, body and spirit via CONTROL

At this point we leave the dimensions of physics behind and extend into two social dimensions of experience. That of synergy (or influence) and contribution (or creation). 

Finally, 2 Social Dimensions

The physical REACTION between elements or entities indicates the 6th dimension. Beyond each individual unit the interaction represents the social aspect of experience, going beyond the Self and interacting with other people: other conscious controllers of existence and we create SYNERGY through collaboration amongst tribes, communities or teams. 

In Dimension 7 of CREATION, reaching out to the farthest point and highest pinnacle of human endeavour and experience, we consider our ultimate gift to the world, the value that we create through business, science and/or art, contributing our unique GIFT to the human and cosmic experience in the broadest sense. 

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