7 reinos de experiencia de vida

7 reinos de experiencia de vida

And here they are: 

The 1st 5 Realms Focus on Your Self 

These realms relate directly to your personal sphere of mind, body, and spirit. 

ATTITUDE (Realm 1): Honour your current situation whilst editing your outlook for ongoing improvements to mindset, attitude and expectation. Honour and edit your outlook. Be aware as your years tick by, filling them with conscious vivid special memories. Know that you choose your overall experience. Feel good. Live in happiness through love. 

MISSION (Realm 2): Clarify your life’s meaning, purpose and direction towards maximum accomplishment and fulfillment. Open ever more to the majestic wonder and wild expression of value, meaning and significance. Clarify your life direction and true purpose. 

ENVIRONMENT (Realm 3): Get organized and prepared in all areas of life to capture opportunity without struggle throughout your physical environment. Order and arrange your environment. Energize your clarity to design your destiny via your ideal lifestyle. 

PRIORITIES (Realm 4): Prioritize your self, life, responsibilities, ideas and desires into sensible size projects so you focus on the right things and get them done fast. Get things done effectively and efficiently by prioritizing your action steps. Focus mind, body and emotion on manifesting your hearts desires. 

HARMONICS (Realm 5): Control your mind to think through all limitations and purify your mind-body connection for unbound creativity to flow throughout your life. Develop ever more masculine clarity, feminine mindfulness and creative willingness. Live forever. Feel wonderful. Control your thoughts to harmonize mind, body and spirit for joyous emotions. 

The Last 2 Realms Focus On Other People

Beyond the 5 directly personal dimensions are the wider dimensions relating to your environment in a social sense..

SYNERGIES (Realm 6): Synergize and collaborate with like-minded people for a perfect harmony that leverages your own efforts to create a whole greater than individual parts. Be influential, feel gratitude and build empathy as we all transition from old world restrictions (hell) to new world freedoms (heaven). Synergize for leveraged collaboration with your Tribe of like-minds. 

CREATIONS (Realm 7): Manifest your ultimate gift of value creation in whatever fields suit you best: science, arts, or business. Get into your ultimate flow-state to create maximum value by ‘losing your self’ to the absorption of pleasurable creativity… achievable only through a strong self-responsible ego and individual integrity. Own your power. Contribute your gift to the world. 

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