7 tonos de iluminación

7 tonos de iluminación

1. Spark

Somewhere in your past an event or person in your life sparked an insight that freed you from some of your mental or spiritual shackles... perhaps a film or book such as Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Coelho’s The Alchemist or Hamilton’s Neothink… or perhaps a loved one such as a parent, grandparent, or partner... or the miracle of having a son or daughter. Whatever it was, it shifted your awareness of choice towards...

2. Value

Your values come from deep inside and may be hidden from full awareness. Those core values colour the direction of your life. Are you adventurous? Do you need lots of security? Are you a caregiver? Do you seek justice? Your values drive your total experience, the development of your Self, the type of your environment, the people in your life, and so on. Becoming clear on what your core values are and what kind of life experience that indicates helps you to coral, to coalesce, to gather those experiences into your life.  

3. Corall

Life isn’t about collecting material things, and minimalism can sometimes bring maximum positive experience. Any backpack traveller can testify to that. Yet the more we corall, collect, and accumulate the tools, items, formats and layouts of lifestyle experience that uphold our values and support our positive life advantages, the more we approach enlightenment. 

4. Streamline

When we prioritize the various attention-demanding elements in our life and streamline everything in terms of its contribution to our overall and long-range health, wealth, love and all our other values, then the more we are free to reach enlightenment. 

5. Balance

As our awareness grows, our purpose is met, our environment is simplified to support us, and our priorities streamlined, then our entire being of mind, body and spirit has a chance to experience the liberty from life’s constraints that limit our enlightenment. When everything is in harmony, we become free to unfold our true inner Self into the fullness of being. This equates to enlightenment. 

6. Align

Through enlightenment we increasingly align with the pure aspirations of others and can experience abundant joy at the connections we share and love that we feel. 

7. Provide

Through that process of enlightenment with Self and alignment with Others we shift into a new paradigm, a new world of love and light, of creativity, wonder, peace, and exhilaration in providing for our own and others wants and needs. 

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