7 trampas del fracaso

7 trampas del fracaso

How is it that people do things like create New Year Resolutions and yet never succeed at making significant change? 

One of the top New Years Resolutions every single year is ‘Get Organized’. 

What they really need are the 7 Petals on the Flower of Being. 

Here’s what happens without it… 

Trap 1: Lazily accepting whatever comes along and making irrational choices based on little consideration for future impact, spending too much time in ‘the now’ without getting enough perspective on tomorrow and beyond. Making bad choices and having a negative attitude. 

Trap 2: Not clarifying a strongly desired life experience or standing up for core values. This lets a person be blown about in the winds of circumstance, unfulfilled in confusion and misdirection

Trap 3: Letting things get too out of hand at home, at work, in the filing cabinet, in store cupboards, in photo albums, in iTunes, etc. The amount of time lost and the anxiety added to life when things are chaotic is huge. 

Trap 4: Without clear priorities, any distractions, interruptions and lower quality invitations can pull a person away from what they set out to do, or need to do. If judgements aren’t made about where to invest time, then time slips away like sand through fingers. 

Trap 5: A lazy mind creates disharmony with body and spirit. Disease creeps in. Dullness of senses. Debilitation. Discord. A weak mind leads to a weak body and a weak spirit. Circumstances dictate experience. 

Trap 6: Resisting support or involvement with a like-minded community can be the kiss of death to any success. Or choosing the wrong kind of people to hang with easily puts a person on a slippery slope downwards to failure, misery, and ongoing problems through conflict

Trap 7: Without contributing anything of value to the world a person ends up feeling more and more worthless. Trying to take, take, take without any giving is a narrow-minded path to misery. 

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