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My Proposal: A 7 Petalled ‘Flower of Being’…?

Probably the one thing I'll become famous for — at least within our community of spiritual awakening and personal transformation. 

So what is it exactly?

A fusion of spiritual and highly practical insights that span all areas of life… 

…a complete, flexible and tailored system for juggling your life in transition. 

…and a way of balancing the various elements of spiritual awakening, personal transformation and destiny design… 

…from the birth of your authentic willpower, to the ongoing development of your sense of purpose, to your management of world-changing powers through technology, media and collaboration. 

Everything is accounted for by the Flower of Being. 

How is that even possible?


A: Spend 18-years like I have as a ravenous autodidactic… (no that’s not the name of a dinosaur…). It means I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge via self-guidance. 

B: Have no guru, no religion, no higher authority, no group identity, no stable home, and at times not even any friends…

C: Travel the world like I have: away from London UK for 4.5 years out of the past 7 visiting a total of 33 countries — and counting.

D: Sleep like I do… about 4 hours per day, less if possible. 

E: Allow your own unquenchable curiosity to pull you in a thousand directions to satisfy your interests spanning psychology, philosophy, business, health, relationships, economics, spirituality, productivity, history and so on...

…And you too would arrive at similar conclusions. Of that I have no doubt. Because it’s just so utterly natural and universal for a healthy spirit and commitment to integrity. 

You’ll soon see exactly what I mean. 

Although to be fair, I’ve realized I do at least have one particular talent above and beyond the norm… 

I’m good at asking the right questions and organizing information.  

It doesn’t sound very exciting, I know. 

 A friend calls it discernment. 

This single talent allows me to tie all of my experience together, to synthesize and generalize my insights, to see the connections between different systems or approaches, and remove non-essentials to expose enduring principles. 

It all began at 11-years of age when I felt dissatisfied with the pace of classes in school and asked my dad for techniques on how best to learn.

Dad handed me the book 'Use Your Head’ by Tony Buzan — and I have mind-mapped my life experience ever since. 

The Flower of Being is the culmination of my quest to juggle the demands of modern life, with our instant access to abundant information, and our spiritual need to return to the basics of a more natural rhythm of life for harmony and what some call balance. 

Think of it like a gateway that accelerates your path to enlightenment — whatever enlightenment means to you personally. 

How can I really be so sure? 

Because the Flower of Being encompasses everything. It represents the unification of all realms, giving you the most comprehensive framework for life management and manifestation on Earth today.

A holistic framework with 7 elements… 7 degrees... 7 dimensions… 7 gates. 

When you fully grasp the Flower of Being and tailor it to your unique self expression in life, you will successfully guide your destiny with absolute empowerment, total clarity and harmonizing empathy for self and others.

From Lumaria to the Druids, the Dogons and Phoenicians to Egypt, then ancient Greece and Aristotle, through to Helena Blavatsky and the likes of Wallace D Wattles… to a 1920s course by the ‘Institute of Efficiency’… then Charles Schwabb’s 1935 million dollar time management technique… Napoleon Hill's realistic key’s to the law of attraction... today's personal transformation gurus, channeled entities, initiate societies such as Neothink… and so very much more.

How Does That realistically Help You “live your bliss”?

There are 7 dimensions of life that coalesce EVERY approach to ‘spiritual’ or ‘personal’ growth… creative desire - and even every professional career.

The dimensions of success are the same for everyone yet applied uniquely to your own personal interests and motivations, whether it be ‘business success’ or ‘spiritual enlightenment’.

These 7 dimensions give you a vital framework for understanding your place in the universe, for ‘squaring the circle’… for reconciling the opposites… for creating order out of chaos… for creating balance. 

Over the next few pages you’ll learn its shape and structure. You can then discover and explore its finer points for the rest of your life — however long that may turn out to be.

As we say in England… the proof is in the pudding. You’ll see various reader and customer feedback received over the years for pieces of this grand puzzle. And you’ll connect the dots, snap the pieces into place, apply the concepts to your life, and reap the rewards for your Self.  

Apply the Flower of Being with diligence and you’ll shine with an inner wisdom from a future world that few on Earth have as yet even began to fathom. 

Brighter days are ahead.

“May we gain the time needed to succeed.”


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