Why do you fail to achieve the extraordinary results promised by all the best selling books, courses and gurus? 

Why after reading The Power of Now do you not live in the moment? 

Why after reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior are you not at peace simple via the servitude of others? 

Why after reading Think & Grow Rich are you not rich? 

Why after reading The 4-Hour Work Week do you not work just 4 hours? 

Why after taking the Course in Miracles can you not stick to its formula?

Why after reading The Secret does the Law of Attraction get sabotaged?

Why after reading Getting Things Done can you not close all of your open loops?

Why after reading Neothink have you not squared your income?  

Is it because those systems are broken..? Or is it because you are personally incapable of big-time enduring success?

Thank fully, the answer is neither. 

The simple reason that all these techniques, tips and tricks do not ultimately, easily or completely work for you is because they are there’s... the author’s... not yours. 

Each of us have different needs, unique perspectives and varied lifestyles, so no specific system or method can ever truly suit us all. 

So what’s the best way to flexibly manage your life’s choices, challenges and priorities..? To organize inspiration and create balance in a way that truly works for you - just as well as the gurus own systems work for them? 

Missing all this time has been a simple flexible framework that allows us to absorb different teachings and techniques into our own tailored and focused approach. 

From 15-years of small experimental workshops around the world with diverse audiences a framework emerged, bridging the differences of personality, culture, gender, experience and level of awareness... 

An open-ended sevenfold platform for creating harmony and fullness of being, represented as 7 petals on a flower... 

Al agarrar la Flor del Ser, los pocos observadores se encuentran abriéndose a un Yo profundamente arraigado. 

Todos los principios y técnicas aprendidos antes se filtran a través de su propio equilibrio de mente, cuerpo y espíritu. 

No matter how spiritual you are, or how materialistic... how driven by worldly success, or how much you want to explore your deepest inner truths. 

Explore the 7 Petals in detail to help create your own natural, dynamic, flexible, optimized,  holistic, comprehensive and eternal system of success. 

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