Pétalo 1

Petal 1: Choice

Your capacity for life comes from making choices that either propel you forward or pin you down.

On one hand you must honour where you’re at, the conscious choices you make, the positive vibes you carry. 

On the other hand you need an easy going and fast way to take stock of any areas of life that need some attention to clarify and cleanse, to help you make new choices and fresh starts.

And of course, life is full of choice…

•Do you take the healthy option?

•Do you stand up for what’s right?

•Do you stick with the old or pursue something new?

When you truly live on the edge of this constant stream of fundamental choice to focus on what’s best, you become exposed to great energy… which can also make you hyper sensitive — you may have noticed. 

The more you push boundaries of awareness… stretching your abilities… caring about consequences… you test your emotional, physical and soulful capacity.

So Petal 1 is about your fundamental choice to focus 

It’s the choice you make moment by moment, to focus or not to focus on whatever matters most in each situation.

Either moving you towards positive, authentic, healthy, enriching experience…

…or towards the negativity of frustrations, disappointments and fear that comes from things like laziness, false expectations, or judgement from others.

Unfortunately, we each suffer by making smaller choices, lazy choices, unhealthy choices, that do not really represent who we truly are or aspire to become… pesky little compromises that constrict our capacity.

We’re constantly influenced by a mixture of desires, expectations, and experiences.

What others think of us, how we treat others and how they treat us greatly impacts on our capacities and the choices we make.

To be yourself, to grow your awareness, to focus on your best choices… To choose or not to choose? That is the quintessential question of your life. 

The essence of success comes from focusing your mind, body and spirit to hone the purity of your intention towards integrity for health, love and fulfilment. 

Because: from focus comes action, and from action comes result. 

…From clear focus comes right action and thus more positive results

Converting thoughts into words that shape your plans, managing your activities, and creating the synergies that connect with and share your creative gift to contribute to your community — be it local, global, universal or cosmic. 

And how quickly you control thoughts to direct your focus and guide actions indicates how fast you achieve the results you want. 

It's a choice. 

A choice involving your own biases, preferences, personality type, archetypal temperament, family background, aspirations, motivations, lifestyle experience, developed and undeveloped skills, current resources, perceived obstacles, and more. 

But still a choice.


It’s the choice to focus.

A choice to gain clarity on what you want to do, have, be and become.

A choice to prepare.

A choice to act.

A choice of what to feel. 

A choice of what to experience. 

A choice of what to create. 

A choice of what to eat. 

A choice of what to wear. 

A choice of what to watch. 

A choice of who to be with. 

A continuous stream of many choices, both big and small. 

And not without risk. 

To attempt such a thing as becoming whole unto our true Self is risky and may require emotional capacity beyond your current measure.

Opening to love risks your heart. Quitting a job risks your financial status. And so on…

Sometimes you may get burned, and so you learn and grow.

Becoming closer on many fronts towards empowered choice, greater skill, emotional capacity, treasured memories… even though experience is also chequered by moments of defeat, broken trust, confusion, depression, or despair.

Keep going and you get better jobs, more hopeful longer term more fulfilling relationships, more determination, spiritual ascension, worldly success.

Always the fundamental choice remains: to focus or not through miraculous moments of honest self-reflection.

Your life experience (for the most part) ultimately depends on a constant series of choices based on the focus of your awareness and a positive attitude…

To learn, to create, to understand, to contribute, to share, to enjoy. 

Progress comes most easily by honouring whatever outlook of life you currently have…

accepting your current situation for what it is…

…and surrendering in commitment to the process of ongoing improvement.

Then editing your outlook to guide your life experience.

Always a question of ‘what’s the next best step’… what’s the right option for me?

So… Petal 1 of the Flower of Being is about editing your outlook to make choices that build your capacity

…minimizing the negative influence you may absorb from people and circumstance… and empowering your Self to make clear choices that are wholly right for you — moving into the future of your own design. 

…moving in the direction of Petal 2. 

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