Pétalo 2

Petal 2: Direction 

Life Direction, Meaning and Purpose

...the 2nd petal on the Flower of Being relates to your life direction, the meaning and significance you experience while striving to live your ultimate purpose.

The Challenge of Having Direction

We all have tests to endure in life. Things to overcome. Problems, limitations and obstacles.

Circumstances change. Interruptions happen. Needs shift.

Changing relationships. Career options. Family life. Travel. And so on.

Perhaps gnawing away inside you is a feeling that things change too fast… or that nothing significant enough really ever changes at all.

At each phase of your life you will set sail in a new direction facing a new horizon heading to a new destination.

Your interests surely change with time as you become different. Your needs change, your capacities. You become wiser, older, bolder. You evolve. 

But new directions come with new risks.

Trying to change old habits can prove difficult. What works for some may not work for you. Guru's may lead you to dead ends. Books, tapes, seminars and coaches can seem like infinite time drainers.

Making the Change

Petal 2 is about figuring out the direction of your life, as you want it, and committing to the right direction for your own personal needs: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs for complete fulfilment.

It’s about building clarity of direction to break through complacency, bias and comfort zones. To not get pulled off course. To confidently or courageously head in the life direction that you decide on.

So what do you ultimately want to do, have and become? 

You may know what a 'vision board' or 'dream board' is already. What about a Vision Map? 

For Petal 2 you might build a comprehensive Vision Board or Vision Map or some prefer a Structural Tension Chart, a simple mind-map or even just a list of items on paper. 

Whichever way you approach it, capture the multiple categories of your life and the meaning and significance you place on different experiences. 

Clarify the details of what you want to do, have, be, become and experience. 

Spend enough time on Petal 2 and you can super-charge your transformation and accelerate your success towards a life direction ripe with meaning and purpose.

For the masculine energy in us all, this will involve a sense of mission, freedom from constraint, and competence. 

For the feminine energy in us all, this will involve connection, expression and love. 

First though, we have to consider the environment in which we live. 

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