Pétalo 3

Petal 3: Order 

With renewed clarity of life direction, it's time to get organized!

Ordering your Environment beyond the clutches of Chaos

Modern life is hectic...

We live with elements of chaos all around us, surrounded by chaotic minds and chaotic hearts navigating chaotic lives. Just switch on the night time news to behold the tragic human condition as it exists around the world today. 

Your Challenge

Switch off that deadening TV for a long, long time — throw it out the window. 

Instead, focus on creating an environment of support that stimulates your creative state of flow to fulfil your life direction. 

Petal 3 is about bringing order to the daily chaos within your personal environment. 

Getting sufficiently organized to achieve your goals is perfectly possible. Yet may often seem impossible to achievable in the time that you have available. 

Various projects, opportunities, responsibilities, distractions and inspirations swirl around you. 

Opportunity can be lost because sometimes you lack preparation. 

So with Petal 3 it's time to knuckle down and get organized in your physical/material environment, including your digital life on computer.  

And how? 

How to best go about bringing order to any amount of chaos in your life? 

It's even hard to just imagine being completely organized, because things are so easily disorganised... just like the kitchen after food preparation... so focusing on getting organized can actually make you more aware of being disorganized - how frustrating! 

Overwhelmed by 'stuff' yet really wanting to accomplish and manage more, the ideal is to be organized just enough so that you are emotionally unburdened by an efficient set-up. 

How to organize your computer files? Your email? Kitchen? Project ideas? Responsibilities? Life goals? 

Apply these 7 steps of organizing: 

The benefits of being well enough organized are obviously worth while:

•Knowing where things are

•A feeling of tidiness

•Having a clear mind

•Not having to keep hunting for things when like keys, bank card, information files on computer

•Not losing time on enjoying yourself or maximizing on opportunities 

•The extra efforts saves time and creates space for more opportunity in the future.

Through investing time and effort on all 7 Petals you develop the natural capacity for organizing life’s details both effectively and efficiently. 

The 7 Petals are the ingredients that bring order of our chaos. As you focus on your choices to become more aware (petal 1) and clarify your direction of purpose (petal 2) and take actions that bring order to your environment (petal 3)… petal 4 can then give you leverage to flexibly manage your time. 

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