Pétalo 4

Petal 4: Priority 

Do you wish for the ability to spend all of your time doing only the things that match your greatest interests and highest ideals? 

Through Petal 4 you become effective and efficient at making clear and manageable priorities out of all life's possibilities. 

Petal 4 is about prioritizing and acting on the many tantalizing opportunities that exist on your horizon. 

Petal 4 is about creating your own natural, flexible and liberating priority management system based on the landscape of your life and the rhythm of your intuition. 

Have you ever tried to manage where your time goes? 

Was it hard to do consistently? 

Does the idea of 'time management' seem rigid, unnatural or even boring? If so, perhaps Petals 1, 2 and 3 are more relevant for you at this time.... 

Sin embargo: 

If you are aware of your fundamental CHOICE to focus on positive opportunities, and you're quite clear on the DIRECTION you want your life to go in, across all of life's categories... AND you're life is reasonably well organized and your environment in good ORDER… then the next frontier for you is to better manage your PRIORITIES in time. 

Getting Things Done Fast, Flexibly, & Efficiently

Every so often you decide to get your priorities straight and make better use of time… 

Perhaps a new hobby, interest or aspect of your life pushes you to re-consider where your time goes... 

If your attempts at time management fail then life can feel even more hectic than before. 

Real problems can emerge when you take on more than you can handle. 

Most of time management taught today is 'common non-sense', based on old ideas that worked during the start of the industrial revolution for high paid business managers who had assistants at hand and relatively few projects compared to today's modern lifestyle.

Some people abandon the attempt at making priorities altogether, they just drift through life.

That might feel better for a while, a chance to unwind, but no one wants to limit positive experience. Time management is supposed to help not hinder. But for the majority of people, normal time management techniques do not genuinely work or align with their natural rhythm.

¿Entonces lo que hay que hacer?

By working on Petal 4 you get rid of those weekly to-do lists that only get longer and less clear as time goes by.

You rid your self of the unnatural time management tips that never really work well in the first place.

You become able to confidently prioritize every single idea or goal or experience you've ever wanted to act on.

Do not to give up... rather, re-group. 

Try new approaches, use a calendar, or a different way of using a to-do list, stick priorities up on the wall as notes, quotes or a vision board... and look at them regularly to help make priority decisions both longer-term and moment-to-moment. 

Identify the contours of your life, the activities you want to fill it with, and the time required for those activities. Then play with your schedule, staying aware of your rhythm and make adjustments along the way. 

Everything perfectly balanced, well considered and streamlined for success. 

The bottom line is to get clear on what your priorities really are, for each area of your life, and then choose to fill your time with those high priorities.

Imagine all of your priorities clearly laid out so you can readily pick and choose where your time goes, perfectly aligned with your short-term preferences and long-term vision.

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