Pétalo 5

Petal 5: Harmony 

Harmony in Selfhood

Do you remember the joyous care-free feelings and larger-than-life experiences of childhood? 

Petal 5 is about reclaiming that experience. 

A deep feeling of harmony with fluid control of the Self and deep fulfilment of life. 

Perhaps the most obviously 'spiritual' or 'new age' aspect of the Flower of Being, Petal 5 is actually about re-developing the integrity of being which has become limited by our own denial of Self and diminishment into laziness. 

It's about re-awakening our childhood joy through re-connecting with our deepest inner sense of passion, openness and commitment to learning and striving. 

Searching for something more in one's self, others and the world, we battle between our own self-guidance and the fake geo-political consumer-mad world which seeks acceptance, belonging, reassurance and externally focused stimulation. 

Becoming real, whole and free 

At some point you make a firm decision to become the person you are meant to be. 

It's an ongoing process of development, but with your truest sense of identity and integrity at the core of everything that you do. 

An adventure with high risks, where we can lose faith, dogma and certainties, becoming alienated from current relationships, and even adding to the burdensome anxiety of indecision as we become more fluid and open to change without bias or old beliefs. 

Our capacities are tested, our abilities are forced to grow, we go through the ups and downs and seek sustainable positivity. 

Big choices. Big changes. Creating voids to cleanse and renew. 

Petal 5 is about sitting in solitude, facing the self, going inside, being completely honest, building harmony between mind, body and spirit. 

Harmony comes from alignment of mind and emotion

Mind Power

See both sides of the coin... appreciate both perspectives... see the narrow and limited views of people around you and your self… create new solutions that never existed before... use both your intelligence and your emotions to make decisions... be comfortable with normal sounding concepts like time management as well as more out there concepts such as ‘integrated thinking’… curious about new ways of doing things... always asking those questions to gain new knowledge... able to sit down and with pen and paper plan new strategies, work out new opportunities, and then apply principles of productivity to make them reality.

Emotional Reflection 

Emotional fulfilment comes from reflecting on values and giving yourself permission to feel the rightness of a positive healthy life filled with learning, creativity and accomplishment that is earned by the application of your mind. 


Balance is over-rated. Balance suggests equality, similar proportions, and the effort of measuring. Rather, harmony is about allowing the elements of mind, body and spirit to find their own natural rhythm as right for the moment and for you. Develop and work with your mind power and your emotional reflection in proportion as suits you personally. Perhaps 80% of one and 20% of the other. Perhaps it changes dependent on the situation of the moment. This is the natural dynamic of life. 

Honest reflection through both mind and emotion gives you harmony of spirit. 

And with that, you are ready to align with the harmonics of other individuals in synergy. 

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