Pétalo 6

Petal 6: Synergy 

Synergy and Collaboration

Ever been part of a winning team? 

The thrill of success shared amongst fellow achievers... 

Leveraging your own productivity and experience through collaboration with others on a similar path, whether shared projects or just as a support network or MasterMind Group. 

Community projects, business initiatives, entrepreneurial spirits.... each passionate individual benefiting from the synergy of coming together in unity. 

The connection from personal relationships in love, family and friends. 

The collective shared experience amongst strangers you meet during daily life: from the shop keeper to the candle stick maker. 

Petal 6 is about developing the ability to relate with others and build positive shared experience. Collaborating in different forms to different degrees as appropriate. 

The ground work is developing your inner self via the first 5 petals on the Flower of Being. Petal 6 (synergy with others) can only properly develop out of the platform of Petals 1 to 5 (harmony of Self). For if there is no real and developed self, how can there be real and effective synergy? 

Types of synergy include: 

•Team work as colleagues

•Friendship as family love or shared values, interests and experiences

•The romance of complimentary masculine and feminine energies that challenge, seduce and support each other. 

Yet don’t wait to be your perfect self before getting involved with other people! We are social creatures and our shared experiences bring us fuel. Emotional fuel that drives us to become better. Becoming more harmonious individuals, so that in turn we achieve greater synergy with other people of a similar ‘vibration’. 

This creates a positive feedback loop that makes infinite opportunities for a joyful life of friendship and romance. 

And with that, we have set the stage of our life to create and contribute our ultimate gift to the world, the galaxy and beyond. 

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