Pétalo 7

Petal 7: Creation 

Giving Your Ultimate Gift 

Our greatest happiness in life comes not from what we possess, but what we do to contribute to our purpose, to our loved ones and to others. What is your gift? 

Your gift may come from one or more of these areas: 

•Personal services (writing, coaching, therapy, etc)

•Professional services (sales, business management, training, etc)

•Physical services (builders, chef's, drivers, carpenters, etc)

•The Arts (design, architecture, music, etc)

•Science (computers, technology, health, etc)

The final petal on the Flower of Being, petal 7, is about positive influence through creating value for others.

Ironically, to give your ultimate gift to others, you must both focus on your own journey of development to pursue your purpose, and also lose your self in the flow state of creativity.

Contributing to others along our own journey of self-discovery and development builds the empathy, love and ability that we need to create maximum value through cycles of ongoing improvement. 

How can anyone hear your inspired song if you are not skilled enough to sing it and not organized enough to produce it? 

How can anyone receive your medical innovation if you are not learned enough to discover it or prepared enough to develop it? 

You get the point… 

Petal 7 means focusing your inner development on your outer contribution.

Together we are building a new civilization. Earth 2.0.

What contribution do you want to provide to people and planet? What is your gift for the world? 

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