Los 7 elementos del éxito

Los 7 elementos del éxito

You have an abundance of opportunity for improving your lifestyle and doing things you love, from career development, travel, sharing with significant others, to innovating new technology or publishing your own books. 

Success in anything has 7 elements. 

5 of those elements comprise your personal sphere of mind, body, and spirit. 

2 of the elements relate to the social sphere of your environment in the broadest sense, including friends, collaborators, people in general and the world at large. 

Within the Personal Sphere…

First comes attitude and choice 

This is the fundamental choice that a person makes to improve themselves and lives. You wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t already made that choice. Own your inner fundamental attitude towards life. Be your own destiny designer. Choose to focus. 

Second comes direction and purpose 

Success depends on choosing a good direction. Your direction should reflect your heart-felt life purpose or personal mission. Take time to uncover what that is as you grow in experience. 

Third comes preparation and organization 

Take stock of the physical items in your environment, your surroundings, and even your digital files. Invest sufficient time to make them orderly enough for maximum productivity. Periodically renew your personal space and the various tidbits of life. Get organized. In your career. Social life. Your counter top. Your computer files. Your chores. Your projects. Everything. 

Fourth comes priorities and time management 

Manage your time by making clear plans and setting decisive priorities. Then act boldly and swiftly to execute plans and activate processes with efficiency and effectiveness to create successes big and small.

Fifth comes harmony via control  

Expand your mental capacity, power, and flexibility to bring harmony between mind, body and spirit. Develop the character required to commit to success no matter the hardships and hurdles that come your way. 

Within the Social Sphere… 

Beyond the 5 directly personal elements of success are the broader elements relating to people in your environment, including collaborators, colleagues, friends, and so on. 

Sixth comes synergy through collaboration 

Leverage your own productive capacity and unique experience and talents by collaborating with others and achieve more than you could do alone — whether it be through a company, community, or cause.

Seventh comes contribution via creation 

Don’t compromise on your creative flair. Whatever your values, experience and talents, you have something that can help solve real human problems by alleviating or even eliminating people’s negative experiences. Unleash your energy to create value that contributes solutions and builds positive experience based on your strongest interests. 

"A corporation or organization is simply a reservoir of potential energy that can be recruited in the service of an intended mission... Every individual in the corporate body is a reservoir of potential energy." – Jim Loehr

Having everything in life fly in formation to achieve your own personal mission while sharing life’s adventure with significant others. This is real success. 

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