Las 7 etapas de la realización de la gestión de la vida

Las 7 etapas de la realización de la gestión de la vida

In a nutshell…

Stage 1. Awareness and Choice (1 dimension, backwards and forwards). Becoming aware of your choices to focus on value oriented productivity and positive experience rather than default to laziness and irrationality with resulting negative experience. 

Stage 2. Direction and Purpose (2 dimensions, back and forth, and left and right). Setting the direction of your life via personal values that bring meaning and significance to your life and reveal your purpose and resulting missions to be accomplished. 

Stage 3. Preparation and Organization (3 dimensional space). Organizing your environment and all of the practicalities of living to bring order out of chaos in preparation and support of fulfilling your purpose. 

Stage 4. Efficiency and Management  (4th dimension of time). Prioritizing everything in your life according with your chosen direction to effectively and efficiently manage time and tasks to achieve success. 

Stage 5. Control and Adaptation (5th dimension of consciousness, the controlling dimension of existence). Harmonizing your mind, body and spirit via self-control and thought to guide your emotional experience through a positive flow-state of creative expression. 

Stage 6. Synergy and Collaboration (leveraging one's own potential for creation and experience by sharing with others). Synergizing with significant others, in teams, tribe or family to collaborate on building values, advantages and prosperity. 

Stage 7. Contribution and Influence (the outward manifestation of your own value creation wider than your internal sphere of experience). Creating value in business, science and/or art to contribute your unique gift to the wider world. 

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