¿Por qué 7?

Introduction: 7 Aspects of Coherence 

What do you think of the word ‘spirituality’?

What Is Spirituality Really?

Is it practical? Is it realistic? Or is it new-age psycho-babble?

It’s a word we use a lot. We know it points to something with a special quality… Yet few of us could do a good job of describing its features or giving it a definition. 

From all that I’ve read and observed on my own spiritual journey, the following 7 points probably do more justice to the attempt at explaining spirituality; what it means, what is signifies, what it is comprised of, than anything else available to date. Even if I do say so myself. 

In all humility, I stumbled on this over the course of 15-years during my search for realistic systems and techniques to accelerate my personal transformation, with productivity, life success, and coherence (harmony) of mind, body and spirit. 

I offer this short book as a teeny tiny introduction to the 7 Petals of the Flower of Being which has unfolded and bloomed over the past few years, bringing everything together to present a holistic framework for the spiritual journey. 

First, here are the 7 aspects of spirituality: 

1. Purification of the intention to share and spread loving kindness 

2. An authentic and deeply felt sense of meaningful purpose

3. Freedom from physical limitations via bringing order out of chaos

4. Being in the state of flow to create future abundance while simultaneously fulfilled by current experience

5. Harmony of mind, body and spirit 

6. Sharing love, light and ascension with like-minded beings 

7. Giving your gift to the world, the cosmos and beyond 

At this point the list of 7 items may seem fairly sensible even if mostly arbitrary… 

In this little book you will discover a 7-fold system that demonstrates the very specific nature of every one of those 7 aspects of spirituality, why there are not 6 or 8, and why they exist in the exact order given. 

This insight accelerates spiritual ascension. 

So with that as a backdrop to the Flower of Being, I invite you to check out my proposal for you on the next page and I wish you every success on your own unique spiritual journey. 



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