Building Nodes in the Network State

Personal Mission: Organize the World for Freedom.  

My Values: Longevity, Sovereignty, Decentralized Governance, Harmony with Nature, Productive Bliss, Collaborative Synergy, Community

Profession: Product and Marketing solutions via Cyclic Media, Inc. 


- Research cooperative for the Singularity:
- Eco-Village in Yucatan Mexico:

- Productive Bliss Protocol: See the Courses section

- The Cyclic Growth Framework for Startups:

Gavriel Shaw

Introducing supercivilized vibes to Earth since birth.

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I cover trending topics while rejecting the status quo, pushing the envelope on what is thinkable. Things are most certainly not as they seem.

My Projects

Eco-Village in Mexico

Camazotz Cohaven is a place to enjoy nature, build community experience, push your self to whatever limit you care to test, and explore your sense of adventure.

Product & Marketing Solutions for Startups

Cyclic Media, Inc. provides masterclass education for startup strategy... product management, fundraising, and  community development.

Research cooperative for the Singularity

SingularityHaven Is A Global Cooperative Sharing Our Transition Into The Technological Singularity (2025 - 2045)

Courses for Productive Bliss

Previous courses are now being prepared and updated for publication. I'll announce them via my substack newsletter.

My Story

After traveling ~50 countries over 15 years I finally found home in the Mexican Jungle (where I am working to form a 300 person cooperative (  — a new centre of Mother Earth — with a goal of maximizing human vitality. 

I work with change-makers through startup incubation (, live events, private conversation, content and hard work.

It all began for me at age 16... when I read a modern manuscript revealing an ancient code inspiring me eventually to launch the SingularityHaven ( for a new age of mankind...


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