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I'm Gavriel...

Futurist, Activist, Resilience Coach, Crypto Evangelist

And Professional Marketer

I believe marketing is meant for good, not consumerism. 

The world is not as it should be. Not by a long shot. And marketers are at fault.

15-years of varied professional experience has shown me the many faces of a global hydra-headed dragon of superficial consumerist economics. As a species... we can do, have and become so much more! 

An honest marketers mission in today's geopolitical climate is to enable values-based consumer experiences that authentically support health, wealth and happiness for all. Marketers are powerful spin doctors. Buyer beware. (Read more).

My Work... 

Tech Startup Growth

After 15+ years professional experience in product and marketing, I am piecing together a strategic framework for tech startups to minimise risk and accelerate product-market-fit from pre-revenue through to scale. If that’s your cup of tea: 

Crypto Evangelism

Digital Transformation and a new Internet of Value is quickly emerging out of cryptocurrency / blockchain scene. Here is how I'm involved:

Blissful Productivity for Self and Teams

There are shortcuts to productivity, but each of us need to meet certain conditions based on our uniqueness for a perpetual state of productive bliss. My research to date: (coming soon)

Living Forever

Yes, living as flesh and blood for as long as it suits our happiness to do so — augmented by any and all tech that can enhance our health and wellbeing. Curious? Let me explain.

An Abundant Sci-Fi World Starting Soon

By removing certain very specific restrictions to human ingenuity, we can (and I believe will) very soon enter an entirely new global dynamic of solving lack and limitation in every sense as we replace the old world with futuristic tech that builds abundance. Take a sneak peak at

Earth's Survivor:
A Short Story

The damage done by politics is near-impossible to fathom. My 1998 short story with additional commentary is my best attempt at communicating the impossible. 

Authentic Intimacy

Sex, Love, Wealth, and Power. These are cornerstones of human life. Here are a few thoughts specifically on the path to authentic intimacy in romantic relationships for our time. 


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October 24, 2018

On Coaching, Conversation and Courses

I have many interests and have explored various areas of psychology and philosophy. A holistic life is a multi-dimensional experiment. Creating space for personal transformation is a passion and I believe is vital for humanity's evolution. 

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Below are comments about a short dystopian story I wrote way back in 1998 titled "I Am Earth's Survivor" available now at

I’m a film editor in Hollywood..

I just discovered [your site] when I ran across a note you posted on Economic Rebels Forum back in November.

I love your Special Bonus Report … I’ve just spent a couple of hours on your site. Wow! What great content. I want to read everything you’ve written.


I thought it was very true and insightful. The reason I can see this is because I was raised with extreme religious beliefs. Nothing else was right. Yet there were men of the church that molested me and contradicted everything I was being taught. A couple were preachers. Ive been suffering from depression for some time and Ive been trying to break free from the one sided and contradictive teachings of my childhood. Im 42 years old and fill so trapped and helpless.


I really enjoyed your latest article [Self-Leaders Bottom Line]. This sentence, “All we need to be is the angel or the father christmas who hands them the greatest possible present in human history.. Neothink Power.” made me cry.

Tony Pretenhoffer

Thank You Very much!!!!! I belive these offers + Neothink will = a much better life for me, as well as a way to put what I have learned from Neothink to better use.


As I get further into your read (only 1/4 read so far) I can feel something starting to stir inside me. I have one word right now that best describes – AWAKEN


Your Last Man Standing piece of Art/Writing was easy to read. It had enormous information all bundled into a concise script. My soul was reflected in your writing.


Dare I state this opinion? Neo-Tech might very well be one of the portals of your knowledge base, but I dare say that you’ve transcended into a new category all together!

You writings indicate a synthesis of both knowledge and intent that might well be forcasting a Gestault of the future!


I found this book to be very interesting – Sad to say it paints a dark picture of our future… Ah but it is only a warning you say…there is hope, yes, even a light at the end of the tunnel you say.

So I will continue to investigate the 6 gifts…and it is with interest that I watch the continued saga called “Life on Earth”.
We did this to ourselves – if only we could wake-up…the cockroaches have been working real hard to keep us under thumb.

I have seen the ideas presented elsewhere but your form is much more concise and to the point.

Well done – let us intend that what you present comes to fruition.


Yes. I liked it. Ayn Rand’s ideas are a rich source for a very similar philosophical stand…. Rand, Wallace, Shaw, and me. To avoid Anthem, and “I am Earth’s Survivor”, it needs to be recognized that we are living Atlas Shrugged.

Richard David

I’m very excited about it all. by the way i did like very much i hope we can change be fore its to late!!!


Hi Gav, Your story was astonishing and with your astute links to valuable backgrounds including your own values at impressive sites you build I was kept very busy for two full days. There are many of us ‘scientific workers’ to quote Nietzsche going very hard to try to bring about a Supercivilisation result. Your document was chilling and motivating and informative. . .I am restructuring my office and living space out of inspiration from your organizing suggestions. Thank you for your excellence and contribution. May we see the New World emerge through your careful ongoing guidance. On to Zon!


Yes gav. i can relate very much. still reading. i’m a slow reader. gotta say, the title didnt catch my attention [Editor: we worked out Peter didn’t like the reference to 2020 so I have removed it from the current version’s title to see how people respond] but once i started reading…wow. good read. keep up the good work. positive message.


I took the time to re-read survival 2020 again, once you start it is impossible to stop. I believe it was a few years back when I first had the privilege. Amazing Gav, a very inspiring discourse that helps us to keep focused, placing the big picture in perspective is necessary every now and then.

I had not seen part B until now and I was delighted and surprised… Thank you for all your efforts.

Alcides Mendez

I’m anxiously reading everything on this new philosophy. I am curious about what the precise information and tools are that will result in manifestation of ones dreams. In addition I am also curious how these changes would come about in the world that seems most firmly rooted in the status quo. Changing the paradigm of everyday life and the comfort of the world as people know it is a daunting task at best.


Thank you! Yes, of course, I read it with much anxiety and encouragement as it resonated with my inner being in a big way as it touched on feelings that I dare not express to any of my friends. It was indeed very interesting reading and I hope that many others will have the same sentiment.


I read the whole thing and I believe in its power wholeheartedly!


"After coming back to your site 3 or 4 times I got as far as reading your testimonials. They gave me goose bumps. I had to get up from my computer and find another task to do. I felt like I was being spoken to from beyond."


I value your story and the ideas. Making an understanding, clear with the Sanskrit meaning of Karma (cause and effect). Take that to the acid test within emotions and see what I see. Go to a civilization of independent freedom and grow to being the one in his own right, and the connection to your book is within. On glory way to be then me.


The book is really good, I agree with it in all areas! I took my brain back year ago from the programming that was imbedded in me from birth. These control freaks do not like it much, but hey it is my brain, my body, and I reprogrammed it to my liking. I believe in peace, love and harmony and I do have a vision of a super society, one whom works together with no violence, just peace, one society in tune with the Universe and its great plan for us.


I finished reading your ebook. I got distracted for a little while because I followed your links and did some more reading. I’ve read most of the materials online about Neo-Tech, the ones I could find anyway… well I still have ‘The Book’ to read. I found your ebook to be very straight forward and easy to read. You didn’t pull many punches and I liked that. Your writing is more true to the writings of Neo-Tech. You were honest, straightforward and positive about your approach. You write with confidence, you know what you’re talking about. I agree with everything you had to say and thought the layout of the material was very well thought out. You went into just enough detail to catch the readers attention, although I may be a little bias because of my prior Neo-Tech knowledge, but I liked it very much and it should help the revolution tremendously!

Bill Smith

Just went thru the book again. I admire your intelligence and writing skills. I have been, for a long time now. The cover story of Earth’s Survivor is definitely real/possible if we don’t act right now.

Ozzie Freedom

Dear sir I found your book very interesting section A was very sad and depressing describing the ant-civilisation down with the parasites section B the complete opposite the wonderful supercivilisation rid of all authorities and full of value producers/ creators for every body to flourish and prosper very exciting indeed.


I will share your story. Many of the folks I communicate with on the net are on the same thought and action plane.


The book itself is very unique, I like how it’s a mixture of speculative fiction and bullet-pointed non-fiction. It is ambitious and quite timely, for I also believe that the time for freedom-focused individuals to act is now, and the coercively violent ‘powers that be’ know their time is running out and so they are accelerating their plan of tyranny. So it is crucial that Truth gets out to the masses to offer an alternative to the manufactured lies.


What an epiphany!!

Teddy Antoine

I have read it and it was interesting, almost as interesting as nouveau tech package of inner circle secrets. Now if I can figure how to apply all of this info.


Yes I liked it, I`ve already read neo-tech 3 times, and this is another confimation of what it teaches, I`m still in the process of figuring out the wealth part


Are you Frank R Wallace?


After reading your short ebook I feel like You are my new cornerman and I am a heavyweight fighter and with your knowledge of the fightgame and my raw power we own that heavyweight title. YOUR FREIND FOREVER DAN THE DESTROYER.


I can definitely see things coming down to this. It just makes me stop and think in which ways I can get involved to help change things.

Randall Overbey

It was touching and summed up many key concepts of Neo-Tech. Although speculative in nature, your story could very well take place, as it derives from the essential and commonlly overlooked injustices in this world. I’m glad that there are writers out there who are greatly influenced by Neo-Tech.

Jack N

I found your story fitted my own views on the world situation almost perfectly.


Just finished browsing your site and my complements to you. I’m a long time NT reader. Do you hire into your company, or is it a bantam-style set up like at NTP??? Anyway, I sure hope your predictions for the 2008 elections come to pass. Take care.


I read your publication and saw where many parts are very true. I need more time to digest the material. I usually read a few times so I’m not missing anything. I would agree that if the world continues down its current path, there won’t be anything or anyone left.


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