Enabling the blockchain-powered Sci-Fi World through leadership coaching and marketing mastery 

Vision. Mission. Purpose


Hi, I'm Gavriel

Futurist, bitcoin ninja, blockchain marketer, coach and counselor.

That's me 'bout 10 years ago. I have a few grey hairs now. It's the smartest photo I've got... because for 7 of the past 11 years I travelled the world in search of... 

Futurist, bitcoin ninja, blockchain marketer, coach and counselor.
1. Futurism

I see a Sci-Fi World rising over the next few years. For some it will be a boon of undreamed abundance. For others it will be a crash hell. Your golden ticket is available now if you choose. 

2. Freedom

I believe in autonomy, individuality, free choice, free markets, anarcho-capitalism, freedom of expression. Time to abandon old corporatist political monopolies in favor of modern decentralised governance based on blockchain technology!

3. Fun

Different strokes for different folks. My fun comes through exchanging quality conversation with like-minds... Exploring new technologies. Building exceptionally efficiency teams... and  travel. 43 countries and counting.

Does this strike a chord with you?

Perhaps you enjoy and accomplish a lot — yet all the glitz-and-glamor of worldly success can only take you so far...
Old doubts and disappointments still drain you, while new opportunity, adventure, and wonders await you.
The conversations I had with people all over the world during 7 years of travel went from the depths of soul-searching to the nuts-and-bolts of modern life experience. 

During that time I consulted to companies (large and small) about their marketing, studied and practiced various forms of coaching, and explored new technologies like blockchain. 

I was looking for something. Archimedes put it best: 

"Give me a lever big enough and I shall move the Earth"

Or as Steve Jobs put it: 

"Let's put a dent in the universe"

Here are a few projects I'm involved with that I believe can help bring about the futuristic, free and fun Sci-Fi World over the next few years: 

1. Wirex

As Head of Marketing at Wirex my goal is to create a highly efficient marketing team to deliver exceptional value across the world for people ready and willing to embrace the future of personal finance. 

2. Cosmic Elevator

A collection of future-looking topics that build on top of research and observations gathered over the past two decades. A preview of things to come in Sci-Fi World; attitudes, technologies, experiences. 

3. Resilience Mentor

Today's business and social leadership must combine the qualities of head, heart, and guts to survive and thrive amidst rapid change. I am not taking on new clients for resilience mentoring as my coaching focus is now on building the team at Wirex.  

Gavriel Shaw is a 15-year digital marketing professional; a certified HeartMath Coach, mBIT (head, heart, gut) Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), NLP Master Practitioner, and internationally accredited Life Coach.