Gavriel Shaw

Futurist. Immortalist.
Marketer. Crypto Evangelist.

Certified Resilience Coach.

Gavriel Shaw

Futurist. Immortalist.
Marketer. Crypto Evangelist.

Certified Resilience Coach.

I believe in...

Tech Startup Growth

After 15+ years professional experience in product and marketing, I am piecing together a strategic framework for tech startups to minimise risk and accelerate product-market-fit from pre-revenue through to scale. If that’s your cup of tea, check out

Blissful Productivity for Self and Teams

There are shortcuts to productivity, but each of us need to meet certain conditions based on our uniqueness for a perpetual state of productive bliss. My research to date: (coming soon)

Living Forever

Yes, living as flesh and blood for as long as it suits our happiness to do so — augmented by any and all tech that can enhance our health and wellbeing. Curious? Let me explain.

An Abundant Sci-Fi World Starting Soon

By removing certain very specific restrictions to human ingenuity, we can (and I believe will) very soon enter an entirely new global dynamic of solving lack and limitation in every sense as we replace the old world with futuristic tech that builds abundance. Take a sneak peak at

The Freedom To Choose

Politics today includes the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. It’s not about Right vs Left and never was. The damage done by politics is near-impossible to fathom. This page is my best attempt so far at communicating the impossible.

Authentic Intimacy

Sex, Love, Wealth, and Power. These are cornerstones of human life. Here are a few thoughts specifically on the path to authentic intimacy in romantic relationships for our time. 

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On Coaching, Conversation and Courses

I have many interests and explored various paradigms. A holistic life is a multi-dimensional experiment. Creating space for personal transformations is both a passion, a pleasure and I believe is vital for humanity's quest for bliss. 

  • mind body spirit

“I met a transformational Life Coach in Bali.

After 5 coaching sessions with him, I came home a completely different person in ways I could never explain and many that I can. 

After years of therapy and years of Landmark, Gavriel’s coaching filled in the missing gaps for me!

I never thought I would meet a Life coach who could make the kind of difference that he did, nor did I expect I would recommend someone like this to my friends." 

- Shared on Facebook

Jennifer, CEO

Anytime I speak to you things seem to spontaneously happen so I wanted to phone you and say thank you."


"Feeling happy and positive largely because of you."


It's ironic how I discovered myself on a deeper level. I always thought I was a better person and understood my self.

Boy! I was wrong. I was a bit skeptical about someone coaching me. I wondered “how can someone from a distance understand me and help me”.

What happened next was extraordinary and beyond what I was expecting. Beyond all my complaining I discovered something about myself on a deeper level.

Now that I feel I’m accomplishing some part of my life, I am thrilled to work on my next step.

Mandy, Librarian

"I really feel the difference in how I see men and women in a lot of type of relations between now and before our 4 month communication. It was SO helpful!"

Esther, Lighting Consultant

Where were you in my earlier life. Everything you say is like a band aid but such a good one…

I feel like ‘oh that makes total sense’ and I feel good about it. Seriously if I was rich you’d be my life coach for life!

Unless berry smoothies are your thing…

Liz, Banking

"You are really effective at getting my friend to think about things that she needs to work on. I have been trying that for 20 years ;-P"


"Honestly, our talk this morning left me in such happy spirits. Although I’m sure you get that all the time. You have such incredible listening skills."


“I’ve become a completely different person that I don’t even understand myself. Complete calmness. Less of a worrier.”


"After coming back to your site 3 or 4 times I got as far as reading your testimonials. They gave me goose bumps. I had to get up from my computer and find another task to do. I felt like I was being spoken to from beyond."


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