Gavriel Shaw

Writer. Futurist. Coach. Healer. Lover. Spiritualist. Believer. Atheist. Entrepreneur. Marketer. Copywriter. Activist. Pacifist. Rationalist. 

Just a modern man then...

...and while not quite next of kin, I hark 
George Bernard Shaw's words:

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persist in trying to
adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." 

Thus, here are my unreasonable projects...


Professional Services - CYCLIC MEDIA

Digital Agency with Specific Services for Select Clients

If you have budget and balls plus a heart of gold and a project that can help shape our 'experience economy' towards greater health, prosperity and/or freedom, do contact us at CYCLIC MEDIA to discuss potential campaigns.


Courtship Academy

Women's Relationship Advice for Dating & Courtship 

Empowering women to attract high-calibre partners by understanding the weird and wonderful world of men's minds... and adjusting attitude and behaviour to win men's hearts.


Cosmic Elevator

Combining urban innovation with rural satisfaction

Pursuing my interests in minimalist lifestyle on surface appearances with sophisticated supportive technology criss-crossing between city, space and sea to give me a 'rural' country experience wherever I am...


Flower of Being

Holistic life management system

A 7-element fractal-like formula to whole life management.



Geo-political commentary

Because if you're not on the look-out for sudden and drastic changes in the geo-political arena, you may not survive, let alone thrive, the coming transition to the new world order...



Investigations in longevity

3 decades. An unheard of goal. To have the same level of health at 65 as I did at 35.