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Personal Coaching & Self-Study Courses For Breaking Through Barriers, Following Your Bliss, & Solving Life's Riddles

Choose Your Priority: 


When you harmonize those three message-centers of your body you  experience:

  • More clarity of thought
  • Deeper mindfulness of body and spirit, and
  • Stronger willfulness to take positive action

I design a custom-made series of deep conversations based on your situation and your goals that will help you shape your destiny — destiny by design.

NOT through pump-up motivation or my personal opinion of what you 'should' do.

Instead: my approach helps you align what your head believes, what your heart wants and what your intuition tells you, for:

  • Emotional freedom, peace and harmony (free of anxiety and fear)
  • Personal and professional development (for lifestyle satisfaction free of stress and full of success)
  • Relationships built on integrity and authenticity (for business teams or romantic intimacy)

Let's begin with a simple question: 

Why is now your best time for deep conversation and lazer-focused action..?

You enjoy and accomplish a lot already. Yet all the glitz-and-glamor of worldly success can only take you so far. Doubts, uncertainties, disappointments still plague you. Opportunities, adventures, and new wonders still await you. 
The conversations I have with clients extend from the depths of soul searching all the way through to lifestyle design that suits their self-expression. I get involved. I go deep. I ask the questions that other people in your life never think to ask...
...questions that move you, challenge and inspire you; to reach a higher quality of life, to be mindful of your gifts, your capacity, your contribution. 
By using coaching and counseling modalities including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and mBIT (multi-brain integration technique), we work in partnership by creating a safe place for you to explore new possibilities and perspectives. 
To take life by the horns and shake out every nuance of positive experience. To heal your soul. To nurture intimate soulful connection with a loving partner. To build a career or business that exceeds your expectations, overflowing your life with abundance... not just financially, but personally, even spiritually, through shared journey's with significant people.
These are the conversations I have. Get in touch. Become a client. Enrich your life a little  more... or perhaps a lot more... right down to your deepest self... to your very essence. 

Gavriel is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), certified NLP Master Practitioner, internationally accredited Life Coach and professional certified mBIT (head, heart, gut) Coach.

Why I chose this path...

In fact: this path chose me. As a highly curious youngster from a broken family with two younger sisters to care for, I lost my youthful spirit by age 11 and focused my intense curiosity on books; from hypnosis to yogic philosophy, somatic healing, business, and so on — searching for meaning, dreaming of better times.

Now in my mid-30s having wandered through 35+ countries, working with countless men and women on all areas of life while re-discovering my playfulness, I  stand proud of the contribution I make in multiple ways — without hiding my strengths or vulnerabilities. I am that I am. Coach, counselor, advisor, guide, friend.

My work spans 7 topics for holistic life management that lets you pursue your bliss.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors… One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.” ~ Joseph Campbell

The conversations I have with clients is how I choose to foster the flowering of humanity in contemporary life.

Work with me and we'll make the world a better place through your own full and authentic self-expression — one conversation at a time. 

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Yes! I want to explore my self more deeply and live more fully through transformative conversation, self-reflection and lazer-focused action. 

I'm committed to sharing my aspirations, fears, and deepest truths while exploring new options and experimenting with change. 

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