Gain Clarity, Build Resilience,
& Nurture Relationships: 

I’m Gavriel, creator of Rapid Resilience (for mental and emotional toughness) and The Intimacy Code (for women who want to understand us 'modern men'.

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"Those who succeed are the resilient ones"

I'm A Resilience Mentor

I help ambitious people build resilience for a life of authenticity, connection and adventure. This requires a firm commitment to:
1. Clarity

Get crystal clear on the next big step in your life direction and heart-felt mission

2. Vitality

Strengthen your mental and emotional resilience to renew your vitality

3. Intimacy

Attract and nurture authentic connection for resilient relationships

Why is now your best time for more mental and emotional resilience?

Perhaps you enjoy and accomplish a lot already — yet all the glitz-and-glamor of worldly success can only take you so far...
Old doubts and disappointments still drain your bliss, while new opportunity, adventure, and wonders await you.
The conversations I have with clients extend from the depths of soul-searching all the way through to the nuts-and-bolts of daily life experience. 
When your resilience is high: you adapt well to disruption, bounce back from adversity, and thrive in the face of challenge.  
When your resilience is low: you became drained more easily, feel the negative effects of life, and lack the energy to live at your best.
Building resilience involves managing your physical and emotional energy to remove old triggers and strengthen your  capacity. 
For some that means exploring life purpose... for others it's about nurturing intimate connection with a loving partner... for others it's about building a career or business that exceeds expectations.
What will having more resilience do for you?
Get in touch. Become a client. Enrich your life by developing the mental and emotional resilience needed to pursue your bliss.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors” ~ Joseph Campbell

Gavriel Shaw is a certified HeartMath Coach, mBIT (head, heart, gut) Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), NLP Master Practitioner, and internationally accredited Life Coach. We work at a neuro-physical level using science-based techniques and intuition-based mentoring.

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“A good half of the art of living is resilience.”― Alain de Botton​